We handle all the mobile phone repairs

General repairs

Unlocking mobile phones

Fixing crack screens

Battery replacement

Mobile phone Accessories

We also buy and sell

We deal with all computer and laptop sale and repairs


PC and Laptop hardware repair

System upgrades & memory extention

Windows installation & configuration

Hard Drive cleaning and virus removal

Troubleshooting & diagnostics

We also buy and sell

PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch repair

General repairs

Fixing cooling fan

Jammed CD compartment

Issues with USB ports

Game controller replacement

Trouble with booting

Buying and selling

We repair LCD, LED, Smart TVs and Satellite Boxes & Dishes

General repairs

Cables and connectors

Cracked screens repair

Fuse replacement

Satellite Dishes and cables

Remote controls

Satellite boxes repair


We sell accessories for your digital devices

Power cables & chargers

USB cables


Screen protectors

Leather phone cases


Fast and reliable service. I really was relieved after I got my mobile battery replaced faster than I expected and for a very reasonable price.

Thanks Putney Tech!

Adam Kohn


Photocopy, Scanning, Printing & Internet Access

We provide quality service in terms of all of your photocoping, scanning and printing needs.

Our internet acess is fast, relaiable and fully secured. Please ask for more info via contact form.

Electronics Recycling

We assist with the recycling of your old electronic devices, and our service is completely free of charge.

We even come and collect from you if needed. Please get in touch if you need further information.

Worldwide Money Transfer

Bing registered and authorised agent of 'Ria' and 'Western Union' We offer best rates for money transfers to almost every country in the World.

Please feel free to enquire about the current rates and offers if you need to send or receive money from any country.